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Seen some people have completely removed the incar heater unit and bypassed it all together. I want to do the same, couple questions,
Apart from heating the inside up (when they work) any advantages or disadvantages to removing.
is it a case of removing the heater and linking the two pipes together
Do I need to extend the pipes to make up for loss of coolant that would of been filled up in the matrix.
Thanks micky

Turbo Phil

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I simply removed mine and linked the two pipes.
Youíre losing extra water capacity from the cooling system, so if your current cooling is marginal removing it wonít help matters.




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Thanks again phil
Iíll give it a go and keep an eye on temperature


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lowestoft suffolk

Depending on your set up, i brought a rad hose without the take off and blanked off the head (dry decked anyway) so have no unsightly hoses doing nowt!

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Downsides ?

No heater, and no means to clear the windscreen ( even if it isnt great anyway lol )

IMO given how little it weighs in a Mini...I can see few benefits to removing it.

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No sure what the car is used for but IIRC here in the Nethererlands we need a blower / demister in for the Dutch equivalent of MOT...
(Eventhough it only blows air on the windscreen rubber)

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Heated windscreen is the way forward if you remove the heater.

Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Heater unit removal/bypass
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