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Trying to work out the best cooling system options for Turbo mini. Can anyone offer advice? I have plenty of extra room up front being a clubman. Engine is 1310 turbo with Garret T3. Not intending to aim for silly HP or drive it that hard.

I am trying to also use only original Austin Rover parts.

MPI rad up front with Electric fan?

2 core standard style rad with maybe an extra small rad to improve?

What works best?


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Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I think from memory the MPI rad people found boarder line on ability.
The Minispares supercool 2core has proved its worth on many turbo minis over the years, mine included.
A favourite for front mount options is a Fiat Chinqichento (excuse my spelling) but this goes against your parts source preference.
Hit the search button, all options are covered in depth in multiple threads.
Just as a side note the T3 is old hat, a more modern turbo like the gt1752 will provide a much more pleasant drivable car, with the potential for big power later when you get bored and want more power (which you inevitably will).


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Mk1 metro rad? If you can find a good one

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jonny f

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Metro rad would work with your requirements and be big enough.


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I use an alloy MPi rad, never had an issue. never gone above 98 degrees in temp.

Mr Joshua

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The metro turbo rad was thinner to allow for higher air flow so not any old metro rad will work.

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