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Greetings all.

This Turbo Car is now listed for sale= Florida Dealer USA.

Some of the history to it looks real:
Built in year 2000 - Mini world featured 2003 ... Claimed a Big HP Number...

How real is this car, how well does it perform?
Does anyone know of it from this forum?

Any info welcome!


jonny f

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Well, itís not a 1968 mini thatís for sure! 68 would be late registered mk1 or mk2.

Also looks like it might have oversils, so potentially not a new shell used during the build. Believe USA has quite strict rules on that?


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why does it have a German front license plate? *Confused*

Turbo Phil

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According to the spec itís running a turbo clutch which certainly wouldnít handle the torque itíd be making with 180hp, also itís got a helical box, with 180hp ?
Not sure what a ďmodified induction chamberĒ is either lol !




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Barnsley, South Flatcapshire

As has been said looks like it's got oversills and primer overspray on them?

I'd dare say it's an early 90's shell too.

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We're all very much in agreement that its a 'reshell" / or has absolutely had a vin change to let it be in the USA.. as a whole the build looks right. but Legally, it technically is a lie... Florida is the most lieniant on imported cars.

Truth here, in the USA its quite easy to just own a mini and not technically worry about 1968 paper work vs 1990's actual body / actual details. Most people in the USA see a Mini= they're all 'old cars' and not one difference between a 60's vs a 90's Mini's
Most places dont even require a vehicle inspection if its over 15 -20 years == Just own it and use it.

Being featured in Mini world with a magazine front, the car appears to have been built right= but used sparingly. 17K miles in 20 years.. how Real is that HP number is also my question - is it a grenade ready to explode... 22PSI is described by the seller .. IS That real?? can it be??

Being resold by a 'dealer reseller here .. was looking for some backup history for its build... the sales description has some very creative descriptive words for whats included...
"high velocity cam drive'
straight cut drop gears, titanium gearset.
Cross pin dif= NO LSD.... ? uhh

The US is a HOT place most of the time . Southern USA we rarely use our minis for half the year June thru August because of heat.. Can this car cope? i guess it doesn't matter, its a show go'er.


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Carlisle, Cumbria

high velocity cam drive - unsure on what is?

straight cut drop gears - the drop gears teeth are straight rather then helical cut. They can handle the torque/power but make more noise.

cross pin diff - this an uprated diff over standard but is still an open diff.

Home > General Chat > Turbo mini = For Sale USA . Looking for info
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