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Post Whore


I presume some of you will have seen this. Some dedication as a Project

I run a supercharger and I don't care the TB is on the wrong side.
VEMS + 12 PSI + Liquid Intercooler = Small Bore FUN!

Turbo Phil

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My sister is so fit I won't show anyone her picture

Lake District

I hadnít seen it. Hats off to the guy.



Mr Joshua

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Luton Bedfordshire

Sweet Jesus

Own the day

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455bhp per ton
12 sec 1/4 mile road legal mini

Sunny Bridgend, South Wales

clever guy, nice work

Team Racing

On 15th May, 2009 TurboDave said:

I think the welsh one has it right!

1st to provide running proof
of turbo twinkie in a car and first to
run a 1/4 in one!!

Is your data backed up?? one extra month free for all Turbo minis members, PM me for detials

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