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stoke on trent

Hi all I'm Just rebuilding my engine and upgrading to a gt1752 from the T3
, where is the best place to take the water feed from for the turbo, was thinking about the heater out let on the head and back in the other side,
Amy help or pics would be great thanks nibble36


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I have mine setup this way. There are better ways of doing it, but this is probably the most simple.

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I drilled a waterway at the back of the block and returned to a stub on the rad header tanks, as many others have done


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Carlisle, Cumbria

Mines out the head, and back into the bottom hose.


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As above, I also put a small electric water pump in this circuit run off a timer so it stays on for a few minutes after shutdown,to help with turbo heatsoak.

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Gt1752 water pipes
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