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Just saying hello people, I currently have a 1986 mini with a 1275 twin carb metro engine in it. I've spent the last couple years upgrading suspension and weight saving parts too make my car a weekend toy with a strong track focus. The goals I'm currently aiming at is 180bhp turbo car weighing as close too 500kg as possible whilst still staying road legal (I'm aware this is likely to be high 500's)
Any thoughts are always welcome fellas I've raced karts for a few years but when it comes to car building I'm very much a novice


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Lowestoft, Suffolk.

The search button will be your friend.
There is very little that hasn't been documented in depth on here.


Turbo Phil

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Lake District





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brookwood woking

Welcome to TM 👌

I have started posting on Instagram also my name on there is turbomk1mini

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On 1st Nov, 2007 Ben H said:
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lowestoft suffolk

Welcome, have a good read through a few certain peoples pages n just keep your eyes peeled on where certain stuff has disappeared/got smaller/made of different material etc..

Itll take hours n hours but plenty of pics on hear that let you into peer into peoples cars at angles that youll normally never get to see

On 24th Oct, 2015 jonny f said:
Nothing gets past Dave lol


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