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Hi all,

I've been in the Mini scene on and off for years; but recently I've gotten bored of 80bhp and all this sat around in isolation has got me thinking - maybe I should start to look at Turbos and more power. Currently the Mini has a 4 year old well built, but mostly stock 1293. P21253 pistons were used, along with an MG Metro large valve head, Mini Spares EVOLUTION001 cam and rebuilt HIF44.

I'm currently in the process of moving to managed Ignition using a Speeduino, so this will help prepare the car and I plan to start buying the turbo parts over the next year.

My power target is around 130bhp; mostly because I don't want to be breaking anything or kill myself. Clearly the cylinder head cambers will need measuring and enlarging and I need to choose a turbo. I was thinking a GT1544 or GT1548 for my power requirement; would either of these be suitable? Where is the best source of manifolds and downpipes?




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In short you'll be bored of 130HP in no time, build the engine once knowing that it will be developed later fo more power.
This forum has a plethora of info with most paths being covered in depth.
Brew up and have a search.


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realistically at 130-150hp you should be able to use your existing lump with a freshen up and the chambers taken out to drop the CR

gt1752's from saabs are the usual turbo and will easily do that, fusion fabs do manifolds and down pipes to fit the gt 17 with no bulkhead mods.

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Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?


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I am on a similar quest. Going down the k1100 route..

Just because throttle bodies on the front are so much cooler.... I think.....

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