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I'm new to the forum and well impressed with the amount of knowledge people have. I don't know if this is a how long is a piece of string question.

I have recently bought a box standard import Japanese 94 SPI.

I currently have just a grand to spend on it.

1. Is there anyway could add a turbo for this small amount?

2. I have a low mileage Smart Brabus Roadster sitting doing nothing.

Has anyone ever used a turbo and charge cooler from one of these in a min.

3. am I better going down the HIFF44 carb conversion.

4. If you had only a grand and a box standard SPI, what mods would you make?

Cheers folks, who'd the forum expert on turbo charging? Who's the forum expert on AP2 transmissions? I have a gimp leg so restricted to auto tranny.

It would be good if folks could give me some ideas advice.

Boris is mental

Cheers folks



Home > Beginners Tech > Turbo Charging an SPI
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