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It is Arduino based.

I built one two years ago just as a comparison to my usual MS2 because I was intrigued as to how it could use the TunerStudio interface (which obviously I'm well used to).

Yes, it's fully sequential if you want it to be but doesn't have any equivalent code to the MS2 siamese sequential so it can just deal with normal 8 port engines if you want true port injection.

For a wet manifold (electronic carb) just using multiple batch injection on a 5 port it would be fine, no different really to the SC setup except the Speeduino is much more DIY and hence a lot cheaper.

The other thing I like (apart from the TunerStudio interface) is it's proper "open source" (like Megasquirt used to be) so if you want to design/build your own board and just use the code, that's fine. Unlike Megasquirt where the licence now says you must use their own motherboard (over ten years obsolete) if you want to use their daughterboard.

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