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Evening all,

What is the opinion regarding the need for brake servo's on turbo minis? My plan is a turbo van with 7.9 Minisport vented on the front and Minifins on the rear. 10"s, naturally.

I am working from a bare shell so have no pedal box and am trying to determine what avenue to go down. I imagine many lose it for weight purposes but is it that noticeable to use it without?



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I had every intention of using one untill it got in the way of the boost pipework......... Yellow tag master rear line reducer cooper s discs up front minisport mjnifins up rear .........I hope it stops it it will be a while till I can say.

Alot comes down to pad material (or at least I hope ) but the amount of people on here using 10's I'd say there is a suitable solution

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I went from S calipers that I felt needed a servo, to 4 pots on the same 7.5 discs, and eliminated the servo. Used M1144 pads in both.

I feel the S setup was too Heavy of a pedal without the servo, so became reliant on the servo, but the effort with the servo made for nice comfortable braking;

Switching to the 4-pots though, and the extra pad pressure created by the additional piston (53% more than the S piston IIRC) allows the 4-pots to work well.

The remote servo I used was a 1.9 boost.

I just feel like the pedal force is (now) more balanced to what I prefer. I also sold the s callipers and servo for more than I paid for the 4-pots. Which was nice.

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i'm 67 with a few health issues so in recent years I've needed a servo. I couldn't find room to to fit it with an intercooler so I've put it under the dash, just like the '60s works cars.

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