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Hi everyone, I placed an order with Avonbar almost a month ago, I emailed them to ask when to expect it as it'd been a while and was told sorry and it would be in the post (now 2 weeks ago). I've emailed again but now not had a response. I know things are a bit crazy at the mo but does anyone have any experience of them, do you think I can I trust them to deliver ?


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Why not give them a call, far better than sending an email.



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Avonbar seems to be all over the place. 20 years ago they were the best, but, but,
Well, just search for them; there has been a lot of wierdness. I donít know if Hargreaves is still the owner or he sold it yet again?

but these are strange times, so call them and youíll know for sure!

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I had similar with my phase 2 cam when I bought from them no communication untill I rang them it was nearly 2 months since I paid for it when I received it. It was waiting for Piper to make a batch.

Give them a ring it's easier to fob off an email than a person on the phone

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Itís Ian who is running it.

Out of a garage behind his house. Donít think heís to savy with a computer. Give him a call.

Home > Companies to Avoid > Should I be worried ?
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