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Post Whore

lowestoft suffolk

Im after a few brown interior bits.. let me know what ya got?

And the wheel trims they had, i believe they share'd these with other makes like the advantage?

Any other mayfair bits you may have? Its the stuff you chucked 10/20 years ago like i did!!! But now standard stuff is rare(ish)

Also the colour if anyones a bit anoraky and knows? Its the light metallic greeny colour with brown interior... mmmmmmm 😍

Thanks 👍

On 24th Oct, 2015 jonny f said:
Nothing gets past Dave lol


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Tom Fenton
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Opal or opaline green rings a bell but its 20 years ago.

I worked at a local mini centre in the early 00's, we used to break 2 or 3 cars a week for s/h spare parts to sell, will have binned loads of shit like this.

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On 28th Nov, 2016 Rob Gavin said:
I refuse to pay for anything else

Like fuel 😂😂

Home > Wanted > Mid-80's mayfair bits..
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