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Apologies to Carl (Barrieri) for highjacking his part of this thread , but,

On 15th Sep, 2020 stevieturbo said:
IMO, if you need some high flow injectors, put something modern in it like an ID1000, high Z.
Or if larger ID1300X or whatever it's called.

They are just superior to that old LowZ stuff like RC offer.

Just make sure filtration is good, a lot of the modern stuff need sub 10 micron.

Are you serious Stevie ???

Have you actually looked at the datasheets of the "Injector Dynamics" ones ???

They specifically say "All Injector Dynamics Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - © 2013 Injector Dynamics"

And, if you'd looked, you would see why if you'd have looked at the slope/offset table the offset at the normal road car 3.5 bar pressure is appalling - they are designed for race cars running very high pressures and, even then, if you look at the table, they are even worse at high pressures.

As far as I know, Graham is still running Seimens/Decker high-z injectors (large ones) so are you saying they are not a good make of high-z ones ???

The only comparison we really wanted to my low-z RC ones was at idle - where the dead time (open/close) becomes really important running the MS2 siamese code - because the pulse widths are tiny.

From the limited data (before the "O" ring issue) that Graham emailed me, I would concur with his view that the RC low-z ones were better then the Seimens high-z ones.

The key with low-z is to get the driver circuits right to optimise their faster open/close ability. Put them on a standard ECU and you will probably fail. And that's why Graham borrowed my spare ECU so we could be sure the driver circuits were right for the RC ones.

Schrödinger's cat - so which one am I ???

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