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My apologies, you are absolutely correct.

On 7th Sep, 2020 JetBLICK said:
As far as im aware solidworks does open stl? If i get a chance i'll save in stp, might be a while tho, as works a bit busy.

On 18th Aug, 2020 Jd24-7 said:
Hi, that looks interesting. Any chance of saving in .stp format? I'm running solidworks, which I don't think will take stl files. I have used some models from a customer who reverse engineered their own legacy products using professional laser scanning equipment , and the quality was exceptional
Grabcad also has a few mini related parts to download, some are very good quality..
A not for profit cad collection would be a useful tool and probably won't really detract from businesses trying to earn a crust. Those of us that make everything regardless, wil continue to do just that, and those that buy the skills and expertise will continue to do the same. My own path has gone from make everything to a bit of both as my career has changed. As I have become design and cad only , it has become difficult to make my own stuff, and as life takes over their time I once had for playtime, so paying someone withe skills has become more appealing, although I am still a tight arse! !

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