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On 24th Sep, 2020 gcos93 said:

Rod: Your sample chambers look very tidy! What sort of fittings have you used to connect the pipes to the sample chambers & manifold? Some sort of compression fittings? Flared pipes?

Stainless steel compression fittings.
6mm OD stainless tube for the compression bit and either 1/8 NPST or BSPT for the threaded bit (can't remember which, I've got some of both and both taps). The important bit is the "T", tapered thread so no sealant needed.
The 6mm tube is either 0.5mm wall or 1.0mm wall (again, can't remember, I bought a bit of both and did toy with the idea of making the longer tube the larger diameter so the gas flow would be quicker and get there at the same time as the shorter tube but decided against it because the centre sample is hotter anyway - the small green wires you see in the photo are thermocouples, Paul, Graham and myself have used them at various times to check various things hence why we know there is little or no correlation between EGT and AFR).
The tube out of the chambers down to the downpipe just below the turbo flange is 16mm bore (can't remember the OD, but it's either 1.6 or 2mm wall thickness just for rigidity whilst still being able to bend it around a former without kinking).
The 14point7 controllers I use, in conjunction with Jean's T-IOX code, read the LSU temperatures and they are rock steady at 750C+/-1 whatever the engine load and the AFRs respond very quickly to changes so I think the tube size ratio must be pretty much spot on.

and Jean, sorry about the confusion, I didn't read carefully enough, I just saw TBI in some parts of the thread and MS-2 siamese in other bits.

Schrödinger's cat - so which one am I ???

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