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So I hope this is Okey.
I have sold some engines. Often far to cheap. But simple 998 that I build up. Kept price on everething that's in it put in some hours and that's then what I asked.

Now heres the thing. I have to many projects to fund and Corona isn't doing any good on my income. But does give me shit loads of time. So I want to sell some stuff to fund the rest but no idea what to ask.

I have a blok that is bored out +040. Cleaned and flushed , new core plugs,.... With brand new 21253 pistons on equal weighted rods.
Big valve head completely machined
With standard cranck. And metro camshaft.

Would build it up as that ( its in bits now) . No flywheel etc.

But question is. What could I ask for it?

See them at shops for fenomal prices but do these sell?

I'm overseas to most here but don't think oversea prices and here will be so far apart.

you can do anything if you set your mind to it...
i rather blow it up winning than keep it together losing.

finish date set for project 1... march 2018

Home > General Chat > Price question
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