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Lowestoft, Suffolk.

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On 27th Dec, 2020 Graham T said:

On 26th Dec, 2020 shane said:

In all fairness the project was progressing with great speed and I was surprised that the saga with the front panel wasn't the catalyst for the toys being thrown out of the pram. Ö

It kind of was Shane.

That cost me around 2 and a bit months I think all told.
I had a plan that by early September I would have had it sprayed and ready to be built up over the winter, so that it was ready to drive for early summer.
When I found the rot in the gutters was worse than I thought, then found how difficult it was going to be to get them sorted, it was obvious the shell was not going to get sprayed until next spring, hence walking away.

But yes, back on it now so Iíll start updating my build thread in the next few days, once I have some progress to share.

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