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Yes, nice early twin bolt subframe, not like the later sloppy rubber mounted ones.

The big holes are from the original design to allow access for the cone spring compressor. They just used those holes later on for the single bolt design.

If you want to be 100% certain, lift the carpet in the footwell and look for the back end of the subframe mounting bolts through the floor. If they are on the fold between the sloping heel plate and the horizontal floor plate it's a solid mounted frame. If they are part way up the sloping heel plate (and most likely the plate is cracked...) then it's a sloppy rubber mounted frame.
Likewise, at the front corners of the subframe there should be a single bolt either side through the front lower panel, no rubber "teardrop" mountings, just bolts.

The early solid mounted frames are way better (IMO) so any movement is likely to be engine mounts or some suspension component.

There is one, but very rare, failure point on the subframe itself which seems to affect the solid mounted ones more than the rubber mounted ones, which is at the front corners. The plate that holds the front lower suspension tie bars can sometimes break its welds and just be left hanging by the corner mounting bolt.
It is rare but it's why a lot of us add a gusset plate in the corner to strengthen that area.

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