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I have a 45 DCOE, suck through on my turbo (1400cc)
Leans right out (off scale), dies in the arse, and backfires if I hit the accelorator a bit.
Feed the accelorator in slowley and it is good.
Like the acceerator pump is not working, but it looks to be.
Using 60 pump jets and 40 blead back valve.
Should I need to go even richer?
What are others using?
Any other sugestions?

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Block up the bleed back jet. I'd have to check on the pump jet..

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Do you have a specific reason for using a Weber ?
Suck through isn't a great idea unless you have all the right seals in the turbo itself but should be doable, but why a Weber and why suck through ?
Most of the guys on here still using a carb choose the well proven HIF44 (either the turbo version or a N/A version sealed to match).
And some of use fuel injection because we prefer typing numbers into a laptop rather than filing needles or, in you case swapping jet sizes.
But, as for your problem, do you have wideband(s) and any form of data logging ?

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Suck through weber
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