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I was being daft having some fun, and braked hard from 90+ down to like 20 as hard as Iíve ever done before; then the brakes started juddering just before I let off, and juddered the next (light) application. I gingerly drove back home, no more juddering, but it was concerning.

Pulled the pads off, and they are a bit odd; there is a glazed oval on the pad face. One of the pads almost looks like itís lifted off the backplate, and one brake disc surface appears to be glazed? Also, the bright rust colour of the discs is suggesting to me these got a little too hot?

What you guys think?
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I think its more like material pick up off the disc surface.

De glaze both discs and pads and put it all back and see how it is.

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how old are they ? and what sort of environment have they lived ?

I've gone through a fair number of pads in my car over the last few years...and almost all because the pad has fell apart.

I've seen it on quite a few pads on other cars too. Initially Ferodo DS2500's, and I had put it down to car sitting outside, getting used in winter and not used very often, perhaps damp in the pads froze and broke the material.

But as I've now seen it on a few different makes, vehicles and some stored well...haven't a damn clue.

A couple of years ago I actually stopped using various aggressive race type pads and moved back to 1144's as hoped they'd be a more simple and stable pad for most road use, despite the potential braking needs.

In happens a lot, on different pads...and no idea why. Pads are a consumable for sure.

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Give them a clean up.

I didnít rate the 1144 on a mini. Weíre garbage on track and cooked way to easily.

Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Did I just cook my 1144 pads?
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