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MG Car Club event at Wiscombe on Saturday. Good day weatherwise, but somehow completely different to the previous weekend, warmer morning but less sun so the track took a long time to dry out, and certain parts in the woods never did fully.

Managed another sub 50 practice, so at least some consistent time being lost. Decided to try late braking for the final hairpin. Old braking marker used to be the start of the sleepers on the right, recently itís snuck to halfway up the sleepers, so thought Iíd see what it was like being brave and waiting till the bitter end. Locked up and it all got a bit hairy, but managed to keep a cool head and turn in and she came round ok. Considering that was not an ideal line, very happy with 49.90. Launch was good and I was third quickest in practice.

First timed run went well, stonking launch 3.04 (I know the car has a sub three second launch in it, but I'm yet to find it) Good first split, but the change to third wasnít ideal. I really attacked a couple of corners, waiting till later to brake, felt a quick run, a bit disappointed to see 48.58, but the consensus from the others was the same, less grip that previous events. There was only 0.24 of a second separating three of us from 2nd to 4th. All to play for.

Made some changes to the breather system in the paddock, separating rocker and transfer case breathers, will add the additional breather to the dizzy blank this week.

Dropped my guard on the second timed run and one of the R53 snuck into 4th, by 3 hundredths. Iíd improved slightly on the morning time with 48.52. But felt my new approach to the major corners was killing too much speed and I was then off boost for the following section. Tried one more attempt at attacking the hill, improved further again, the afternoonís launches were decent and consistent, but I was definitely losing time in the bottom sections. When Iíd made the MegaJolt changes I had also knocked the limiter down, although I only hit it in the run to the first corner, it does feel like itís stopping some progress before I start getting through the gears.

Managed to make the time up on the R53 in last run, taking back fourth spot, but painfully missing third position and a trophy by 4 hundredths of a second. 48.40.

Nice to have met with Carl S and have a natter in the paddock.

Shame not to have got back down to the 47's, but the only car's that did were on slicks, so I can accept it. It's a good improvement on the 50.12 I started the year with, and confidence in the car is there.

Iíve reviewed the footage and side by side from last week, braking late is costing me speed on the exit, waiting longer for the boost to help me back out. So smooth is key, braking earlier and carrying more speed through is quicker. If I had less lag, then there's time to be made with the late brake approach. Maybe time to consider a change from the T3..

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