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Its been a very long time since i did one of these but i think that you fit up the oil drain with the metallic gasket (not the paper shit) dry or with a smear of oil? no sealants.

Can anyone confirm?

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I cut a chamfer into the block and the drain fitting just incase the material in those areas have risen.
I also run a thin bead of gasket sealant along the outer edge of the gasket enough to seal but not to extrude out into the sump, but each to their own.

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I used a spare fuel pump hole blanking plate, drilled with a stub pipe welded in then milled flat (as the welding slightly curved it) and then just used a standard fuel pump gasket with a small smear of red hermetite - any of the setting type would have done, I don't like using RTV or any of the non-setting types on fuel or oil gaskets.
Personal choice though, I don't think there are any real rights and wrongs.

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Turbo drain gasket
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