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gene johnson

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Not sure if was a member in the previous site, maybe, anyway I'm here now.
Not qualifying as a Mini owner, but an inline A---1275(Midget) in a Minor '61 LCV. I've just rebuilt the engine stock bore, new HC pistons, a "fast road cam", that's basically a Metro Turbo cam (256/268) and a set of 1.5 RR. I have a lightened flywheel (12lbs) and a T-50 five speed. I've scored all the parts for a turbo setup from a Metro Turbo for it but want to use a better turbo than the T-3. My son suggested a T-4, but that's pretty old now, maybe a 1274 is a bolt on (?). I'll keep the boost pretty low for longevity. Open to all suggestions for a street car...

Otherwise, have 240SX discs all around, 185 70 tires on 5.5x14 NX alloys, 3.90 diff., Whiteline HD sway bars on both ends, lowered 1 1/2", poly bushings everywhere. Had an issue with axle tramp before the rebuild so I maybe need traction bars.



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Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Hi and Welcome.
A T4 would be atrocious, most folk these days use the GT1752 with very good results, there's a wealth of knowledge and experience at you finger tips with the search button.



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Somewhere around Swindon

Welcome to the site

Crystal Sound Audio said:

Why should have your name as Fuckfaceshithead !

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Barnsley, South Flatcapshire


If something is worth doing, it's worth doing half of.


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brookwood woking

Welcome 👌

I have started posting on Instagram also my name on there is turbomk1mini

Nothing is impossible it just costs more and takes longer.

On 1st Nov, 2007 Ben H said:
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Mr Joshua

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Luton Bedfordshire


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Hi Gene, You're in good company for silly ideas, welcome!

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SouthPark, Colorado

That minor looks pretty good.

So yeah, donít do the T4 - or the T3
Just get an GT1752 - or a Chinese equivalent off ebay - or the genuine Garrett 727264-5001S or the new line of turbos like the GBC17-250 36mm

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Sorry to say My Herpes are no better

Who remembers this first time around:


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Great car, and another 'wrong way round' engine (I have a Midget) Welcome!

'Where does the engine go?'


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1293 turbo mini

Mr Joshua

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Luton Bedfordshire


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