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Turbo Phil

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My sister is so fit I won't show anyone her picture

Lake District

Merry Christmas to everyone who’s still part of this fantastic forum.




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Sunny Stockport

Merry Christmas everyone


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North of the Netherlands

Merry Christmas all

Dazed and Confused....


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Merry Christmas folks

Outside the box

Pete B

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Calne Wiltshire

Merry Christmas .🌲⛄


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Somewhere around Swindon

Merry Christmas

Crystal Sound Audio said:

Why should have your name as Fuckfaceshithead !

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely
foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."-Douglas Adams


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Adamstown Pennsylvania USA

Merry Christmas


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The Far Frozen North

Merry Christmas !


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Seasons Greeting to one & all


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Double hard bastard

brookwood woking

Merry Christmas and happy new year chaps

I have started posting on Instagram also my name on there is turbomk1mini

Nothing is impossible it just costs more and takes longer.

On 1st Nov, 2007 Ben H said:
There is no such thing as 'insignificant weight saving', it all adds up.


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bit late but , merry christmas phil ,and all the TM masiff ..*smiley*
oh , and happy new year ...hopefully we'll hit over 300 bhp with no nos this year with nicks car on the dyno *wink*

Medusa + injection = too much torque for the dyno ..


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Belated merry Christmas and happy new new year!

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