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The Far Frozen North

On 2nd Jan, 2022 Rod S said:

The rover Mpi is port injection, it's just that the ECU/firmware/software isn't user programmable. The manifold, injectors, fuel pump however is easily controlled by another ECU.

Unless you want to go through a big learning curve on siamese port injection, you would be best doing a "wet manifold" setup.

Not with the SC software as IMHO it is awful but their manifold/throttle body is good and once you have a decent manifold and throttle body (there are others than just the SC version) you can use pretty much any ECU to run a wet manifold (batch injection) type setup.

Thanks Rod.
I am leaning towards a MS of some sort with either a Rover MPI setup or the SC one. It will depend a lot on what will fit. SC havenít replied on requests for sizes on their kit but I guess thatís not surprising at this time of year. Have sent a mail of to Megasquirt asking their advice.

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