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I have a mini equinox in storage, i bought it about 11 years ago with all the good intentions of doing it but i have not touched it and its sat as bought. Breaking my leg last year means that i now don't have a lot of mobility in my knee and realistically i now wont do it.

I believe its complete but its partially stripped as the chap i got it from cut the front wings and front panel off. The shells not in great shape but is perfectly saveable even for an amateur like me.

With only 750 of each colour being built and only 133 left in all three colours really does this make it any more desirable?

I figured engines were going for around 900 at the moment so if i broke it up i should get 1200-1500 but would rather sell it complete. The gearbox was reconditioned not long before i got it but i have no proof.

Any thoughts?

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I'd have thought it will clear more than your 1500. Lots of photos a good write up and put it on ebay is what I'd do, it will find its own value on there more or less.

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When I bought my Equinox it had been Cooperised with decals ,strips and a black/silver interior. Once I sourced an interior I returned it to Equinox spec. Its not all original but the unique parts make it different to other minis. Although mine is silver I think the Ameranath is that even more unique. 90's minis are all about body condition and seeing something striped as opposed to not knowing whats under a paint job is better for somebody looking for a project. Probably worth more than you think.

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