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Hi just wondering what boost I should aim for. My compression ratio is going to be around 8:5 8:6 and I my aim is for 130bhp.


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Really depends on your setup, control and usage. But 12-14psi on a T3 would probably get you there.


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I think its a T2 not 100% sure as I got it part of a kit with mirage manifold.
18cc forged pistons flush with the deck
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Running an intercooler asI have been advised to run one. It's gonna be everyday drive

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A friend is/ was running a 1293 on a T2 and was achieving 163 bhp on 12psi

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Different rolling roads will give different results. They're just pub figures as you rarely operate at the peak BHP anyway. As long as it's fuelled and mapped correctly, and your gearbox isn't made of cheese, you can run around 15psi without any struggles.

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Cheese would be an upgrade for the gearbox lol

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