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Annual update time.

After replacing the clutch after goodwood, with a paddle plate and skimming 1mm off the backplate to improve clamping I was expecting the meeting at wiscome park at the beginning of september to be a success.

Unfortunately the weekend turned out differently, first a missfire presented itself at about 5500rpm, which got worse as the weekend wore on and ultimately resulted in me parking it on sunday after a respectable 3rd place on the saturday. Clutch slip then also presented itself again.

The clutch slip was a knackered oil seal, I had assumed that having moved the filler neck to the breather above the transfer case was the issue, not the fact a brand new oil seal was shite.

Before pulling the clutch again I wanted to get to the bottom of the missfire. After lots of digging there were a few things that needed addressing. First was the feed to the fuel pump dropping the ecu voltage to 11.5 volts and the TPS scaling fine when off, but not when running. Ultimately all these issues were resolved but not without a lot of faffing around.

Annoyingly the missfire was still there, and after lots of investigating and data logs showing the crank sensor dropping out I emailed SC, who threw the curveball that it might be the crank sensor bracket resonating, sure enough after revving the engine up pointing a torch at it at 5500rpm the engine hit a resonant frequency and sure enough off it went.

Because I'm using the force racing conversion kit the Specialist components bracket only had one mounting point i could use, and after much buggeration, failed reinforcment, rubber mounts, and larking round I managed to make bracket support bracket picking up one of the 5/16 gearbox bolts.

Having finally resolved this I visited Ray at West Tuning at Thruxton, who has experiance of the SC ecu and a few 16v minis. The results were 151hp and 110 lb/ft torque. Its great to finally be able to use the power and the car feels so alive now.

The plan is to put them to good use at llandow this weekend in the sprint there and see how we get on.

On 7th Oct, 2010 5haneJ said:
yeah I gave it all a good prodding

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