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Still working on the Jag, and got showered in ATF today which wasn't fun! And my evening was spoiled as I've now got to wait for a new gearbox sump pan to arrive.

So I looked at the parts shelf and offered two things together to test a theory I had.

Sadly, it didn't work!

This is a Hyundai Getz 1.1 engine gasket, on a 998 A+ head. The bore size is perfect, but sadly the spacing is off due to the center spacing issue.

So that lead me to researching an age old topic once again. Is there any 8 (or 7) port head from other vehicles that can be bolted onto a 998 block.

I've looked into the following:
8v Fiat Fire head - Not sure if this was a 998 block or a 1275. However I've seen that it's really tall and you would need a fibreglass bulged bonnet to make it work.

CBR600 Head, loads of work for this, more even than the K100. So many custom parts are required.

K100.. again, lots of custom parts, and you need to modify the block by adjusting the bore spacing, which isn't something I can do as my block is already modified to 060" over.

Obviously the Hyundai head is a no go, but the other ideas I've got:
- Lancia / Fiat Twin Cam engine head
- Hillman Imp head

I thought I might be on to something with the Hyundai, as nobody is really looking at this sort of thing anymore, with modern (ish) engines. But I thought someone would have tried to throw a hillman imp head on a 998 before.

If anyone knows about any more, please let me know.

I'm eager to get around the Siamese port issue, and I've even found the old posts about boring out the inlet ports until you break through into the pushrod chambers, then inserting a sleeve with a partition welded into it, so you effectively create a 7 port head, with D shaped inlet ports.

My ideal goal would be something like the Fiat 8v head, as it has all the electronics in the head ready for sequential injection. I could then modify the existing inlet system.

Anyway, waffle over! Need a shower to get the ATF and rust flakes out of my hair!


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