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Whilst mapping for 16psi, i came across an issue where by the lambda readings started to lean out a little above 5500rpm. This is where logging comes into its own! The picture below shows 4 traces - Top is the manifold pressure, middle has predicted fuel pressure (sand colour) and actual fuel pressure (light pink), and the bottom has the injector duty. What's missing is rpm. However, what it is showing is that the fuel system cannot keep up with the expected/demand, and the injectors are running at 100% duty, but demanding 120% (not actually possible). At first glance, i thought that was me out of injector, but what it actually tells you is i'm out of fuel pump!

So the answer was to upgrade the fuel pump. Rather than potentially buy a knock off Walbro, i went for a DW200 (255LPH) pump and got that thrown in.




Went to a local classic car meet and managed to get some good logs whilst driving down and mapped all the way to rev limiter on 16psi of boost - Fuel pressure was fine.



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