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On 25th Jun, 2024 simon k said:
Why put it in the tank when you don't need to?

I used an external pump.. my fuel pump was in the standard location on the rear subframe

I put a fitting in the top of the tank for the return. I didn't even run a new fuel line, I put the regulator next to the fuel pump and returned straight out of it back up to the tank.

People say "but but you can't do that!", can so..

About 99% of people run an external pump, and you can do many things, some are better and more efficient than others.

But using the standard small hose to supply any EFI pump, is wholly inadequate and will be causing cavitation at any EFI pump, and it will likely be squealing it's brains out gasping for fuel.

Hence the tank does need modified with a suitable outlet, ideally appropriately filtered, and of course a return

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