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A word from the mods:

Here at TurboMini’s we have a good community spirit and atmosphere, and have previously managed to avoid the need for any ‘rules’ postings.
However, the time has come that a few basic rules have to be put up here.
A few things to consider before this however. This is a site devoted to Turbocharged (and other forced-induction) Minis - specifically the a-series. However; if you have something that you feel might be of interest, or answerable by our members, then by all means post - so long as it falls within the scope and forum rules.

Firstly – buying and selling. If you decide to deal with someone, then ensure you commit to the deal. It is unacceptable to not answer emails, phonecalls or get in contact, especially after money has been sent, or parts removed and packaged. If you persist in such dealing methods, do not be surprised if a black mark appears under your username, and your ability to post in the classifieds section frozen. It is unfortunate that we have to resort to these methods – and fully accept that anyone can ‘drop the ball’ occasionally. We do hear of recurring problems with certain individuals however; it is these that are being targeted.

Secondly – Please refrain from commenting on posts / messages / adverts / listings / websites / etc in a derogatory or offensive manner. By all means – if you don’t like the ‘Fortech look’ for example, then simply implying that it isn’t your own taste is all we desire to read. Certainly – suggesting that a Mini that has had much attention and time spent on it by a fellow enthusiast is nothing more than a pile of junk, is stepping over the line – and you will be made aware of this.

Finally – Moderation. TM is a lightly moderated, but well monitored site. You’ll note there are no filters for language which would be considered offensive to some for example. In certain rare occasions however, the moderators will decide to delete, amend or modify posts. For the original author, you can expect a message either in your post, or in certain cases in your PM inbox from the Moderator explaining why your message was modified.

Enjoy your visit here at TurboMinis.

The TM Moderators.

Currently mini-less :(

Home > Introduce Yourself > Forum Rules + Information
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