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Well there are a lot of questions there

i have been painting cars for over 30 years

this is "only the basics" for you but you will get great results by taking my advice

firstly the prima thin this 50/50 NO hardener reqd with celly which is great for you lungs

Color paint celly thin this 50/50 this is to get some depth on the car and protection NOT colored thinned out paint on!

You have the car prepped, right ?

Apply the prima to all the bare metal and to the bare metal SPOTS you have scabbed out as well apply at least 4 coats

Single coats let this dry over night

Then flat the car with P600 wet and dry with a shade of washing up liquid in the bucket to remove the grease if there’s any

change the paper if it picks up the flated paint as it will make it alot coarser than P600

Any flat pieces us a rubber flatting block available for a few quid its a must!

Remember if you can FEEL the marks with your wet hand you will see them on the final job!

"so flat them out"

next dry the car off fully and i mean FULLY!

chase the water out of the craks with the air

then appy a full 3 or 4 coats of prima to the "whole car"

same again leave to dry over night!

flat with P600 wet and dry paper AGAIN making a GOOD JOB!

remember if you can feel the marks you will see them

take your time and treat the car as one panel at a time *wink*

dry the car off, now make sure you purchase a TACK CLOTH

fully tack the car off to take the last vestiges of dust off starting from top to btm keep turning the cloth folds over each panel

appy the thined top coat and leave 20 mins between coats
3 coats only

next leave to dry over night

now then this is where peeps go wrong with celly paint

flat he car again using P600 w/d

Make a good job take your time

dry off car as above

use a new tack cloth then thin the paint 60% thinners 40% paint

apply 3 coats 20 mins between coats then on the last coat the 4th one thin the pain to 70% thinners or there abouts

Turn the pressure up to 45 to 50 psi hold the gun a shade further back say 12 to 14 inch

Apply the top coat

leave to dry till next day then T cut each panel so you get a shine like a Shit House door on a frosty night!

any runs polish out wit Tcut & P1000 wet and dry & then T cut and cloth.

apply the wax stand back in amazement of you skills *happy*

then go for a beer and feel so proud *happy*

Remember its 95% prep & 5% technique

OH! one thing which tom fenton pointed out was be carefull when thinning the paint down when applying this as it has more tendancy to run! especially in cold conditions

the above is a "guide only" and tempratures are are based on 20C

Print this out and tape it to the garage wall for guidance

Keep us informed and pics of the final superb job your going to make

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Home > FAQ / Knowledge > Painting your car in Cellulose!
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