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Bromley, SE London

To be short, the service he offers is next to none.

I sent him my half made engine full of rusted bolts and literally covered in blue paint as if it had been submerged. (I'm sure Steve can give testament to the state of the engine and its ancillaries)

Fast forward a few weeks, a whole engines worth of new bolts, a lot of hours, a few vats of nitromors and a lot of patience, the engine is finished!

Steve always keeps you in the loop and although I havent seen the engine myself as it only got delivered to the garage which will be doing to work today, I have been reliably informed by the mechanic that its the best looking (soon to be working) A series he's ever seen.

His prices are very fair and the service you receive is excellent.

I would recommend anybody to use Benross for their engine work.

I know I will be returning with my custom.


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I had an engine built not to long ago and can whole heartedly agree with you!

A genuine chap that is always more than willing to help you out.

My build thread:



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Chester, UK

does he have a pricelist or website or is it on an ask basis only?


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Somewhere around Swindon

Taz i don't think Steve does it as a business as such

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From Sheffield now live in York tha noz

Steve is a top guy

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doncaster south yorkshire

nothing is to much trouble, he will try to help with anything, he is always open to new ideas. Steve you are a star


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Shucks guys...your too kind..... iam. So humble!

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Doncaster, yorkshire

Agree with all the above, nothing more to say really.

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Yes, Carl says he gets requests for rimming all the time

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scott the joiner

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newcastle upon tyne

I was over the moon with my straight cut box I got built & the price was unbeatable *smiley*

scott the joiner

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newcastle upon tyne

I was over the moon with my straight cut box I got built & the price was unbeatable *smiley*


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East Yorkshire

Looking forward to seeing Steve next week sometime for a nice chat about making my mini an object of jelousy with my mates *smiley*

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Carlisle, Cumbria

il be taking him my engine in the coming weeks once im back in the UK


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Rotherham, South Yorkshire

He makes a cracking brew too

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Barnsley, South Flatcapshire

And a tip top bacon butty.

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Carlisle, Cumbria

On 8th Jun, 2012 apbellamy said:
He makes a cracking brew too

il agree with this, i havent had a bacon butty yet though


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Herne Bay, Kent

Just received my straight cut gearbox and Cylinder head from Mr. BENROSS.

Over the moon with all the work he has done for me, the worksmanship that has gone into the head is brilliant! and the help and advice offered to me along the way has been priceless!

Goes down as a true LEGEND in my book!


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just recieved my tweaked 12g295 for my elf. must say the work that has gone into it is probably the best i have seen. really good value for money. quick turn around and good communication throughout. 2 thumbs up from me.

balls to the blower!!!

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Well what can I say that hasn't already been said,! Makes a crackin brew, top bacon sarnie, huge roast dinner, and his engine work ain't too bad either!
I've been up to Steve 3 times now and each time I have been made to feel very welcome, in fact the last time me and my mate were taken out for a superb carvery, cannot fault his hospitality.
Now he's literally done me a complete engine, block, head and gearbox...and it looks like a work of art. I can't wait to get it put together and into the car...

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Steve is that good I'm just ordering my second engine and head and there will be more for him to do. A*********s all the way for Steve and I can't put it into words how good he is and hard he works on the engines he does

Well done Steve


my mini van


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Sheffield South Yorkshire GB.

Just to echo the above remarks, and to add by saying not only does he do a good job for you he also is free with any advice you need and will help with parts if he has them, good bloke all round thanks Benross for a cracking good service

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Can only agree with everyone who has commented in this thread.

After sending my cylinder head off, he kept me in the loop from receiving. Unfortunately it was cracked, but Steve supplied me with a head of his own and carried out the work needed on that. All in for an unbeatable price!!! A quick turn around and the finished product is superb! Top workmanship.

Gave plenty of advice and is always willing to help.

Genuinely not one bad word to say about him.

Thanks Steve!!

998 t2 ongoing project.


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I'd just like to say Steve is a pleasure to deal with. Although I've lurked here for many years I'm basically unknown and after one pm i was invited for a cuppa and a chat. I learned more in that chat then I have in a month of reading.

I can't wait to get my head back, I have every confidence that it'll be the best it can be for my budget. Wholly recommended.


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i had a head modified by Steve, fantastic job and sevice.

will to help no matter what time you call for advice and even invited me up for a brew, when ever passing.

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Recieved my head back from Steve the other day. Great quality work and communication from him, and was really helpful with any issues. Most importantly though, especially for a student like myself it was great value!

Definately a hero of TM.


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Benross (Steve) is one of the most genuine and helpful people I have dealt with, after inquiring about a new head he guided me on what i wanted from the car and how i wanted the head to be so that I would get exactly what I wanted from him.
Once I had given Steve the go ahead he kept me posted every step of the way. when it was dispatched he let me know and the head arrived swiftly afterwards well packaged.

As for the work carried out... it was second to none I couldn’t fault it what so ever, exactly what I asked for I got, as an engineer myself it was clear time, effort and care had been taken in the process of producing my head, a friend of mine also has a benross head and the story is the same again. Top quality work by a top quality guy would highly recommend


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