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Hi Guys,

Has someone on here made a downpipe mod to do away with the joint and horrible joint behind the engine? Sure I've seen something in the past on this.

If so any idea where I can find some more info out and purchase a pipe.

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Matt at fusion fabrications would most likely be able to make you whatever you want, otherwise it's just a matter of getting some pipe off eBay etc and making your own up.



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I never had an issue with the factory 1-3/4" downpipe when the bolt heads were welded into one half of the clamp) or the 2" maniflow downpipe (after modifying it so it properly located around the pipe. Never even used exhaust paste; they always sealed up fine.

Trying to use the clamp without welded bolts was nigh on impossible, and sealing the 2" downpipe without modifying the clamp was basically useless. Once welded, you simply got the flange positioned where you could get at both nuts; it was really easy installing and removing the downpipe.

I never minded the maniflow ball joint either- Not the best flowing, but you'll never break it that's for sure.

Edit ......... found the post about the clamp mods

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Turbo downpipe modification
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