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My current 4 point harnesses desperately need replacing as I originally took the cheap option to get the car on the road, with the intention of replacing when funds allowed.
3 Years down the line and Iíve still not done anything about it, but the current harnesses are just not that good ( they slip undone and Iím forever tightening them on the move.), plus one got broken on Saturday when I went to adjust the lap belt and the buckle got caught up in the hole in the seat.

So Iím looking at either of these as replacements:

OMP Racing 4M Harness


Sparco 4 Point Driver Clip In Harness

The question is does anyone have either of these fitted?

If so, could you measure the lap belt anchor bolt hole to the buckle?

As you can see from the picture, when in position the buckle is inside the hole in the seat, which makes it a pain in the arse to adjustÖ
Iím hoping, that either of the potential replacements will be shorter, which I think they look to be in the photoís online.
Current length of those I have installed is ~260mm



Edit: Wrong URL for Sparco product

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > 4 point Harness measurement
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