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Thanks for the positive feedback gents.

On 29th Jan, 2019 Tom Fenton said:
Great stuff. On the torque steer have you gone to rose jointed arms? As any compliance in bushes can magnify the effects of torque steer.

No Tom, I did not get the rose jointed lower arms. But that looks like it can be remedied easily. The lower arms are from Minispares and they supply the rose joint kits separately, so can be swapped out.

The question is, do I go to rose joint tie bars while I am at it?

Spring Project list:

-Fit rose joints on front suspension
-Replace air filter to hopefully help with MAF signal. Also the replacement filter has a bigger surface area, so I hope to get rid of the very minimal vacuum I am seeing at high revís/ MAP.
-Making some fairly major modifications to the inlet plenum and runners.
-Install 4 port Waste gate actuator control solenoid and re-install dual port Waste Gate actuator with 10PSI spring.

Edit - removed question about Exhaust valve sizes until I have done a bit more research.

Edited by Graham T on 30th Jan, 2019.

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