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Iím not really sure Robert,

The Dyno trace obviously finishes when the HP stopped rising, so that was at ~5400RPM.
The Road trace stops with the hard rev limiter hitting in at 6200RPM.
I have not got any other traces after the Exhaust was changedm, for up around 6000RPM.

I only ran on the road a few times with the new exhaust before coming back to you for the Feb Dyno session.

So, for MAF, I really have no more data to compare up at the 6200RPM rev limit.

All I can assume is that because I need to add more fuel from ~5200RPM up, the Cam timing change has lifted the power band slightly, but hopefully not too much.
Based on the small amount of AFR data so far, it seems not to have affected mid-range or low end too much.
But there is only one way to actually see the results of the cam timing changeÖ

Also, I thought of interest, overlaying the MAF/MAP for the rod 4th Gear log onto the above graph:

And just as I was in a graphing mood:

The doomed 23PSI run, MAF / MAP

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