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This is a bit of a work in process at present but here we go:

Essentials Required for a Turbo Conversion

Bulkhead Box Pictures

Metro Turbo Engine Myths

Carb Mods

T Piece For Fuel Return

No Bulkhead Mods / Mirage Manifolds

Nippon Denso Alternators


Turbo Dave's Tee Piece Trick

How to Post Pictures

Internal Gearlinkages

Fabricating a Plenum

Tubbing the rear arches

Cam Timing Figures

Wheel Weights

Thread sizes

Useful Background Information on Injection

TM Ten Commandments

If anyone has any useful links let me know and I'll up date the list accordingly.

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Nice one Rob *wink*
Top this please!
Mega Jolt installation
Gavin :)

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I've found a few more i've found very informative.

plumbing in a turbo:

remote oil filters:

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neil_g, with all due respect, your the worse salesman on TM since rob_h tried to sell his own ass

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